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Why Us

10 Reasons to Choose Us

Our Prices are the Lowest in the UK

As an online firm, our costs are much lower than high street accountants who have additional costs such as receptionists and expensive high street offices. Our lower costs combined with an efficient paperless workflow means we can pass these savings on to you and set unbeatably low prices. In fact, our prices are often found to be 75% - 90% lower than our competitors.

Dedicated Chartered Accountant

You will be allocated your own dedicated, experienced Chartered Accountant who will answer your accountancy and tax related questions and ensure all work is completed accurately before filing. 

Unlimited Advice and Support

Get timely answers to your queries for no extra cost. Our accountants monitor inboxes for urgent emails to which we reply immediately! We aim to reply to all non-urgent queries within 1 - 2 working days.

We Make You Tax Efficient

Our experienced chartered accountants will claim all available allowances for you and provide advice on how to operate as tax efficiently as possible, often saving you more tax than the price of our service.

No Bookkeeping Software Required

Bookkeeping software such as FreeAgent, Xero and QuickBooks typically costs £300+ per year. Unlike other firms, we do not require you to buy or use any bookkeeping software. We know bookkeeping software is expensive, draining to learn and time consuming to use.


At taxez, as part of our business package, we offer to produce your accounts from your business bank transactions alone. In fact this is our preferred method as it ensures your accounts are prepared accurately, while reducing your software costs and saving you hours of bookkeeping.

Even if you are VAT registered (which obligates you to follow the Making Tax Digital rules) if you prefer not to wrestle with bookkeeping software, we can file your VAT information to HMRC via our easy-to-use spreadsheet.

Never Pay Penalties

Late filing penalties can amount to thousands of pounds. We track your filing deadlines and send regular reminders well in advance. Moreover, our system integrates with Companies House, so any deadline changes made by Companies House are updated automatically in our system.

We Specialise in Small Businesses

We know what services you need as a small business owner and we know your concerns. That's because we specialise in satisfying the accountancy needs of small businesses and our team of accountants have a wealth of experience helping thousands of small businesses just like yours.

We Respect Your Privacy

All information shared with us, stays with us. We provide a secure two-way document sharing portal for the secure transfer of sensitive documents and our internal policies and processes ensures your data is kept safe.

We're a Friendly Bunch

We're human too, so we like to treat our clients how we want to be treated. We keep our communication personalised, light hearted and in plain English.

You're Important to Us

Our success relies on winning client loyalty year after year. Therefore building strong client relationships and providing a great service is essential to us, and our rapid growth is a testament to our ability to consistently deliver a professional service year after year.

Bonus Reason

We're Eco-Friendly!

As a paperless practice, the work we do is electronically prepared, stored and filed. Not only does this reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase data security, it reduces deforestation, air and water pollution, landfill waste, and the consumption of chemicals, energy and water in the manufacture of paper and ink.

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