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What is an Authorisation Code?

An authorisation code is a 10 digit code which starts with 2 letters and ends with 8 numbers.


As your accountants, we will request authorisation with HMRC to act as your agent. Once authorisation is accepted, we are able to view important information held by HMRC such tax paid and tax outstanding.

We will request authorisation electronically via our HMRC Agent Services Account then, for security reasons, HMRC will post an Authorisation Code to your registered address. If you have changed address, please ensure HMRC have been updated.


As soon as the code arrives, please upload it to your document portal so we can enter the code (before it expires) within our Agent Services Account.


We must request authorisation individually for each of the following services:

  • Personal Self Assessment - code begins with 'SA'

  • Corporation Tax - code begins with 'CT'

  • VAT - code begins with 'VA'

  • PAYE - code begins with 'PE'


Note that we are unable to file VAT returns on your behalf without VAT authorisation.


Though we are able provide all other services without authorisation, the additional information we gain access to can be useful when preparing your tax returns.


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