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What business items can I claim for?

HMRC generally allows any expenditure incurred "wholly and exclusively" for the purposes of the business. This means there should be no personal use of the item, and there is no partial expenditure for the proportion of business use. Please click the link below for more details on this rule:


Below is a list of HMRC allowances you may be able to utilise


Use of Home

HMRC allows a tax-free £6/week payment to employees (including directors) for use of their home for business purposes.

Sole Traders working from home can claim a monthly flat rate based on the number of hours per month they use their home for business purposes. Please click the link below for more details:


Employees (including directors) can be paid, tax-free, 45p/mile for the first 10,000 miles, then 25p/mile thereafter for business miles travelled in their personal vehicle.

Annual Staff Party

Costs of entertaining your employees (including directors) can be claimed as a business expense where all staff members are invited and the aggregate event costs, including VAT, during the tax year are less than £150 per person (which includes employees and guests of employees).

Mobile Phone

Where a mobile phone or mobile phone contract is purchased by the business for use by employees (including directors) the cost of the phone/contract is tax deductible.

Trivial Benefits

Benefits provided to employees (including directors) are tax-free where all of the following apply:

  • It cost you £50 or less (including VAT)

  • It isn't cash or a cash voucher

  • It isn't a reward for their work

  • It isn't in the terms of their contract

You cannot receive trivial benefits amounting to more than £300 in a tax year.


Usually, food and drink cannot be claimed as a business expense.

However, the costs can be claimed where reasonable food and drink costs are incurred on occasional journeys outside the normal pattern of work, e.g., where there is an overnight stay away from home on business.


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