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Do I need bookkeeping software?

Unlike other firms, we do not require you to buy or use any bookkeeping software. We know bookkeeping software is expensive, draining to learn and time consuming to use. At Taxes, as part of our business package we offer to produce your accounts from your business bank transactions alone, which can be downloaded easily via online banking, then uploaded to our secure document portal. In fact this is our preferred method as it saves you hours of bookkeeping while ensuring your accounts are accurate.


Even if you are VAT registered (obligating you to follow the Making Tax Digital rules) if you prefer not to wrestle with bookkeeping software, we can file your VAT information to HMRC via our simple spreadsheet available on our 'Software' webpage.

​If you prefer to use bookkeeping software, we have recommendations on our 'Software' webpage, but we are happy to work from any cloud-based bookkeeping software package of your choice.

If you prefer to use a bookkeeping spreadsheet, we can work from your own spreadsheet, or you can use our simple spreadsheet available on our 'Software' webpage.


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